Common erectile dysfunction cause

I would love to know a lot about the many erectile dysfunction causes which are affecting my life, but I am unaware of it and that is why I have made an appointment with a doctor. I have a clue about which are the most common erectile dysfunction cause both in me and in other men, however, since I am not completely sure about these causes I want to go to the doctor who is a qualified professional so that he can tell me which is the cause that is most affecting me. Within all material reading several researches done through the internet and on medical newspapers or magazines I have found information that tells me that the most common erectile dysfunction cause are stress, followed by obesity and high blood pressure.

I am not obese and I do not have high blood pressure which is why I am completely sure that in my case the most common erectile dysfunction cause that is affecting me is stress. I do have a lot of stress in my life mostly because of my wife who is bothering me every single day with stupid things and fighting over nothing. My wife is also extremely jealous and she always thinks that I am having affairs even when I am not and that is why I am so angry and frustrated at my wife. I hope that this behavior will not carry out for a prolonged time since this does not benefit me at all on the contrary it makes me feel bad.

I believe that if we were not fighting much, maybe I would not be suffering from so much stress and I would have the change to continue with my normal sex life and not suffer from any erectile dysfunction cause. I am a man who is suffering from the most common erectile dysfunction cause.

As a result of my wife’s erratic behavior regarding supposed love affairs and other nonsense comments and situations I am now suffering from an erectile dysfunction cause which has got me all frustrate since I need to take impotence meds to get an erection. And not that I want to have sex with my wife.

This is another of the erectile dysfunction causes which is affecting me and that is that I do not wish to have sex with my wife at all. I would like to have sex with other women and with younger women I just do not wish to have sex with my wife.

After going to the doctor’s appointment, I know for sure which the cause for my erectile dysfunction is. Once I know this, then I will be capable of eliminating this cause from my life and of never again suffering from impotence. I look forward to the doctor’s appointment again to determine which erectile dysfunction cause is affecting me.