Genegra 250 mg

For many men, these two words sounds like a death sentence - erectile Dysfunction. sad statistic suggests that the disease erectile dysfunction affects 40 - 50 percent of all men who have a minimum age of 35 years. immediately say that not to be confused erectile dysfunction with infertility. for erectile dysfunction - the work spermatozoids is not broken, as there is an orgasm, erection just as such is not sufficient for full sexual intercourse . But there are no hopeless situations. and in this case, you can help such drug as Genegra 250 mg. Let's look at what is this drug like and for what it can buy genegra online.

Genegra 250 mg is a drug that is placed under the tongue for better absorption and comes in the form of soluble strips . If you want to buy genegra online, you get not only the result that is associated with an increase o erectile function, but also genegra has a dual effect .. it freshens breath. In 30 minutes after taking the drug, the first signs of resumption of sexual activity .. and it's a state of excitement last about 12 hours.

If you want to buy cheap Genegra 250 mg online you should Consult with your doctor before you will buy it . genegra can bring relief in dealing with the opposite sex and solve your problem of erectile dysfunction,

But like any other drug .. genegra as well has contraindications and side effects, which we will tell now.. so before you buy genegra . carefully examine all the possible consequences .. both positive and negative. before taking the drug you must make sure that you gave to your doctor all the information about your somatic diseases .. and if such are available, especially cardiovascular diseases, then you should Discuss with your doctor searching for alternative medicine. Do not take Genegra 250 mg if you had a myocardial or heart attack in the last six months. never take a medicine if you have used or going to use large amounts of alcohol. Using of the drug mixed with alcohol or drugs that contain nitrates - can lead to very serious consequences may occur .. dizziness, fainting, low blood pressure, and more so make sure you do not violate the method taking the medicine until it was too late and you got behind the wheel of a car or something else.